making a blog                                                                                                                                                date 12/8/2012                                                                                                    

It all started with a thought.
But as always, thought come flying, results come walking

Computers were renewed , so did the Windows versions and all that jeapardized compatibility.
The whole site was rebuild new, but we still don't like to get into HTML.
We like to cut and paste, and see what we wanna get.

But we also wanted to get some more interaction and drop notes and thoughts.
No, we will not get on facebook...... promised.
So we found out that the world web building has changed : pages and frames are history.
And we found new buttons on our menu bars. So google it  and reading till we grasped it.

The result is that we have this blog in a 2 columm frame.
Right is the navigation bar, and left is the inline frame.
The content is written in separate pages each of same size as the inlineframe.
Dunno if this is the correct way, but again, it shows online as desired.

And NO,   limited interaction. No Pings. pongs, sms, etc.
And YES, we stiil appreciate your emails: