Mike maintenance                                                                                                                                date 12/25/2012  

Visitors are on their way.
for inventors, cleaning day  is like jeans-day in the office
Ones a year at max., Please!

So today, we cleaned and polished all intruments.
All mallet rubbers of the steelpans are replaced.
The tropical climate makes all rubber like chewing gum is less then 6 month.
Rain season does the rest.
2 actuators had to be repaired as they broke off in transport.

Then we hooked up a notebook and we enjoyed the playlist for the sun down.

Funny feeling that even after being parked for 3 month, you plug it to mains and ....
Yes, it is still  facinating to see it all working.
Good to see all neighourhood kids jumping around.

2D concept in Plywood