omniwheels                                                                                                                                 date 3/14/2012  

" Use the double wheels to prevent goose tail waggling....'
That was a good advice from Sachitanand Malewar of NEX Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
They also supply the associated motor drivers, wheel coupling,
and DC motors. and much more. from a fully automated website.

So , now you know, an omniwheel is a wheel with lots of wheels on the rim.
Used in many industrial applications, but also on the highloader platforms
that ride your luggage boxes into the abdomen of the airplanes.

So, here in Mike, we use them t move the "body" around. Let it walk.

100 RPM Side Shaft Super Heavy Duty DC Gear Motor
100mm Heavy Duty Dual RIM Omnidirectional Wheel
NRS-150R Continuous Rotation RC Servo Motor
Hercules Lite 6V-36V, 8Amp Motor Driver
The easy part was the power supply. Here we use a standard Desktop power supply.
Lots of 5 Volt and 12 Volts. / almost of the shelf and even available here  on fantasy island.
Sufficient for all the RC's, pics, motor drivers and future led's