visit to Trinidad                                                                                                                                             date 12/9//2012  
Yes, finally the opportunity and reason to travel to Trinidad.

Google is a good start, but being there is something different.
We thought about the famous books of Laurens van der Post who went to search  the last Bushman in the Kalahari desert,
(That is still on our bucket list.)
But this time we went in search of the first steelpan.
So, we assumed there would be Steelpans all over the place.
Nope. As a cabdriver explained, the steelpans are used for special events, Carnival and of course for music band competitions. and music schools.

So actually the only places to see them is at the airport in Port of Spain. There is an very good presentation of the countries history 50 years independence and of the history of the steelpan. An absolute must the see. And the hostesses are very polite  and well trained to explain everything. Esay to stroll around with your suitcase dragging behind you.  The only other place we saw steelpans was in the west mall shopping center: a souvenir shop.
Well , to be honest, there a places you can find Pans, see how they are crafted and where you can buy them.
But our trip was multi targeted.....
Did it started with a pee pot and worked its way up to a steelpan??
big areas and good signs, even the carpets are in theme
Panel displays with the history of steelpans