visit to UWI                                                                                                                                                    date 9/12/2012             
One day after 9/11/1201 memorial
The place to be for finding the scientific analysis of then steelpan behaviour is at the University of the West Indies.

Brian Copeland is dean of the faculty.
I appreciated his time to meet and shake hands.
Assigned to show us around was David Chow. (see picture)
Charming and knowledgeable and pround of his work.      

This faculty is working since long with Steelpans and physics.
On the picture background is a midi steelpan.

We exchanged thoughts of the various approaches how to realize
the play MIDI music on a real Steelpan.

The other approach they successfully pursued was to wire steelpan to midi
See blog entry : visit to Trinidad.

The only thing still to investigate is to hook up the 2 modalities:
record a payer on PHI Pan to PC and feed this back into the midi-Pan.
Will it sound as natural as performing on a steel pan?

Noticed that the Steelpan in MIKE orchestra is called Calypsophone.
Just to highlight what the steelpan was made for and came from.

So... yes, it was a very educational and stimulating day.
Very strong motivating to keep working on ther Steelpan applications.
David Chow
Steelpan lab
The University of the West Indies
St Augustine   T & T